At K2pH your personal journey is our mission.  We will carefully plan your trek step by step for optimal success.

BJ Palmer stated in the Early 1920’s that DIS-EASE is caused by three things. TOXINS, TRAUMA, and THOUGHT.  Here we are 100 years later and these words of wisdom still ring true today.


Hippocrates said, “Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.”


We utilize both of these tenets to help you reach your goals of Pinnacle Health.


Base Camp

Is our comprehensive health assessment at K2pH we measure Heart Rate Variance (HRV), Eye Function, Balance, Cognition, Gait, and Posture.

Brain Performance

WAVi Evoked Potential EEG, is a total brain performance platform with over ten years of clinical research: Alzheimers, Concussion, Heart Disease, and Mental Health.  The WAVi report provides an accurate, easy to read summary of your brain performance measuring your Physical Reaction Time, Brain Strength and Brain Speed.  The brain is the supervisory function of the body, At K2pH we prioritize treatment plans based on your brain’s performance.


Clinical grade quality wearable [airplane mode] platform that patients data is shared with practitioner.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

At K2pH we provide Low force chiropractic care for the entire family. We feature Atlas Orthogonal, Lumbar Traction and Precision Instrument Adjusting Techniques. We have many other very special treatments that are unique and exclusive to K2pH.

Right Eye

Right eye is the world’s first eye-tracking solution for assessing and treating many disorders commonly associated with eye fatigue and tracking issues.

Acoustic Exercise™ – Movement Made Easy

This is the only SOUND vibration platform is one of the foundational pieces of equipment that exercise the brain and body at the same time.   Click to learn more: Acoustic Exercise

Brain Tap

Mindfulness Made Easy ~ Dr.Kort was the 2019 Innovator of the year for the best stress reduction product platform on the market.

CALL US  or CLICK BELOW TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT and get your 15 DAY FREE TRIAL to start re balancing your brain with BrainTap!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

K2pH is one of few clinics in the Northwest that Features HBOT as part of our care programs. HBOT is currently being utilized for Concussion and MTBI, Stroke, Neurological disorders, Arthritis, Diabetes 2 and associated disorders, Auto immune disorders, and Athletic Performance for young and aging.

Light Therapy

We Provide customized treatments for Thyroid issues, Brain Function and Impairments and Diabetic Nephropathy.   Click to learn more: Light Therapy

Cold Therapy:

We provide on site cold therapy (CT) treatments.

Immune Testing

The power of predictive antibodies is the future of medicine. We use the Alzheimer’s LINX test by Cyrex Labs to identify the key environmental stressors impacting our body and develop a customized strategies to mitigate symptoms.  Click to learn more: Alzheimer’s LINX