A Warm Welcome

When you walk through the front door a warm friendly staff will welcome you to K2 Pinnacle Health (K2pH). We take great pride in providing a safe environment for even our most fragile patients to be able to heal from the dis-ease in their body. We are a certified low EMF and fragrance-free clinic.


Our friendly staff will guide you to BaseCamp where we utilize state of the art diagnostics to determine your health status for the beginning of your journey.
Throughout your care at K2 Pinnacle Health we will monitor your status and celebrate your accomplishments on your climb to your pinnacle health.

Personalized Treatment Plans

With these results from BaseCamp we will be able to personally tailor a treatment plan specifically to meet your health journey. We offer comprehensive treatment plans that not only provide guidance for our patients but also for their home. We offer EMF Home Assessments and Mitigation services. We will be able to monitor this journey every step of the way through real time and office diagnostics.

Onsite X-rays

If the physicians require Xrays after BaseCamp, history and medical evaluation onsite digital Xrays are available.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

Upon availability we will schedule your second appointment within 1-2 days.