Concussion 101

It’s been all over the news lately, the long term effects of concussions. Athletes are coming forward at an alarming rate and revealing the long term permanent damage they are suffering as a result of being hit in the head.


Did you know that even a minimal hit to the head, without loss of consciousness, can be just as serious and lead to life altering permanent damage? In many cases you don’t even need to be hit in the head to sustain a concussion.  A hard blow to the body or a fall on the ground where the head, neck, or upper back are jolted can lead to a concussion.  This is why it is so important to to be checked out by a professional who understands the complex world of concussion.


Dr. Kort is one of these professionals.  He continues to study the latest information regarding concussion and concussion like symptom rehabilitation. Dr. Kort has also been an athlete for 47 years.  He sustained his first concussion at 7 yrs old.  Since then he has sustained several other concussions. Because of this experience and education Dr. Kort brings something unique to the table.


Most importantly Dr. Kort has specific diagnostic equipment that enhances his accurate diagnosis of this complex disorder. When someone you know or love has sustained a concussion, time is an important factor in their treatment and recovery.  The sooner we can diagnose them and begin treatment the better.


At K2 Pinnacle Health we begin our assessment of your concussion with BaseCamp $125.00
1.   HRV or Heart Rate Variability Test.  This test gives us a very good understanding of how the injured brain is functioning at the moment of testing.
This 3-5 min test is an important tool in monitoring your brains overall recovery during our treatment.
2.   Right Eye performance examination.  This is a series of eye tests performed on a computer that is measuring all your eye movements.  This gives us a real time idea of how your eyes are functioning following a Mild Traumatic Brain injury,
3.   Balance Tracker.  This is a device that we use to measure your ability to balance with eyes open and closed.  When the brain is injured balance is a key and common indicator that there is a problem.
4.   Voice Analysis from Canary Concussion.  This is a SCAT5 concussion evaluation that records the voice.  It is becoming the “Gold Standard” as an evaluation tool for concussion.


BASECAMP PRO.  All aforementioned BASECAMP testing plus C3 Logic, WAVi and X-Rays $300.000
5.   C3 Logic.  This is a comprehensive stand alone test developed in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic for Traumatic Brain Injury.  It measures balance, vision, and cognitive function  Dr Kort   has worked with this group for the last 3 years.  This test is part of our advanced diagnostics and is utilized to enhance our understanding and monitoring of the athletes injury.
6.    WAVI.  This is the newest member to our BaseCamp Diagnostic Suite.  WAVI is a 19 lead Evoked Potential EEG (Electro Encephalograph).  The WAVI has 10 years of research including a 5 year Double Blind Placebo Concussion Study at University of Boulder in Colorado.
7.     Digital Upper Cervical Specific X-Ray and Analysis.  Atlas Orthogonal is a Chiropractic Technique that Dr. Kort has featured in his clinic for the past 15  years.  The ATLAS ORTHOGONAL INSTRUMENT utilizes a sound wave to move the top bone in the neck known as the ATLAS.  Dr. Kort is one of only 6 doctors in the state of Oregon with this training or equipment.


No one wants to be sidelined from a game because of a concussion. However, the most important thing is that a concussed athlete safely recovers and preserves their Optimum Brain Performance for the rest of their lives.