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Dr. Russell John Kort, D.C.

Dr. Russell John Kort is an Author, Public Speaker, Resilience Specialist and the 2019 Innovator of the year for BrainTap Technologies.  Dr. Kort is a 1999 graduate of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  He has been serving patients for more than two decades.  Dr. Kort has been involved in the medical field since 1984 when he worked as an EMT for his local ambulance service in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  Dr. Kort loves all things nature especially, down hill skiing. He suffered from multiple concussions in his youth as a down hill ski racer, which led him into one of his passions advocating for collaborative concussion care for our youth.


It was the first week of Chiropractic School when he was first taught that all dis-ease in the body was caused from from toxins, trauma and thought.  Our exposure to chemicals and pathogens (environmental toxins) the past twenty years has increased at an exponential rate which corresponds with the advent and proliferation of wireless technology (technology toxins). There is a great need to educate on the global health issues associated with the use of EMFs and the stress caused from these Environmental and Technological Toxins (ETT).  Millions are suffering from a myriad of symptoms: neurological, neuropsychiatric (anxiety and depression), sleep, eyes, ears, heart, skin, and immune issues.


For the past two years a collaborative effort to research diagnostics and strategies to mitigate these symptoms has been underway with the EMF Sensitivity Project, led by Dr. Russell John Kort. This  is a personal issue for him, As he has suffered from tinnitus, headaches, sleep issues, unexplained irritability, and pain when using his technology for nearly two decades.  Dr. Kort has Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) and at times, becomes functionally impaired when exposed to EMFs (uv-blue light and wireless technology), especially when traveling via car and on airplanes.  Even though he suffers from EHS, he has developed protocols that has helped his brain become resilient to the stress caused from the environmental and technological toxins.


The EMF Sensitivity Project is an evidence-based collaboration between DefenderShield (education and protection), Stress Reduction Strategies (research, diagnostics, products and technology to reduce stress), WAVi (a comprehensive brain performance platform),  BioStrap (clinical grade biometrics), CanarySpeech (voice-analysis) and Dr. Kort’s Training Facility (K2 Pinnacle Health & Hyperbarics) which implements the aforementioned diagnostics and strategies that mitigate symptoms of EHS. Dr. Kort is the Chair of the EMF Sensitivity Project Science and Medical Advisory Board, comprising of a multidisciplinary team of clinicians and researchers.

Dr. Russell John Kort has dedicated his life to help others who have suffered, just like him.  His area of focus has been on the neurological aspect associated with EHS, specifically concussion-like symptoms by his three pronged approach:

1. Educating on the stress caused by Environmental and Technological Toxins (ETT).

2. Evidence-based Clinic providing predictive diagnostics to develop personalized care plans to mitigate EHS symptoms.

3. Environmental Assessments that will reduce exposure of EMFs during the day and particularly at night  for his patients.


Member: Oregon Chiropractic Association, Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon